Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sexy Store

Pigalle, Paris, France.

This was one of those shots i really wanted to get in Pigalle (Red light Distrist of Paris), the neon lights and bright reflections, i knew it wouldn't be that hard to get and it had been raining earlier in the day, so i expecting some mad reflections.. Unfortunately it had dried somewhat by the time we got to visit Pigalle, if it had stayed really wet, i think it would have added an extra element to this shot.. This is one of those shots in which i didn't mind getting after waiting around outside a sex shop looking like a perv..

If you would like to know the technical aspects of this shot, just leave a comment asking what you'd like to know and i'll answer asap... Happy new year..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RED In Paris!

Paris, France.

Picture above taken very recently on a weekend break to Paris!! Where the weather wasn't great to be honest, it was wet & cold! Personally, i love wet conditions for street photography as generally people don't act like they normally would when they get caught in a massive downpour, they are rushing, look miserable, there are umbrellas everywhere! Lots of umbrellas and reflections, which i love.. Wet conditions at night is also great for street photography as all the lights from the shops and what not reflect off the street, which can lead to some very interesting results!!
Alot of people interested in photography tend to avoid taking pictures in in the rain, in fear that their camera will get damaged! Well, that is partly true, if it's serious rain and your camera gets soaked, but in general it isn't the case! I've taken non weather sealed (apart from the lens body) gear worth over €2000 out into the rain to shoot, with no problems at all... Whilst photographers with me have taken shelter under a tree or hut to protect their gear!! Unfortunately in a country like Ireland, where it rains alot, you need to get out and just take pictures, regardless, and you'll probably get the best and most interesting shots of your life..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Umbrella!

Trinidad, Cuba.

One thing i loved about Cuba was the rain! You'd think coming from Ireland that i would be well sick of it, that would also be true, but in Cuba y'know that in 20 minutes it's all over and the sun will be blistering the stones!! It just comes down so heavy, so dramatic, i loved it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old Man Blur!

Cork City, Ireland.

I'd say this is one of the few time times that you'll ever see an old man move so fast that he turns out to be just a blur when photographed!! Only in Cork..

Pink in the City

Cork City, Ireland.

You can view more of my night time photography here

Monday, December 7, 2009

Red, Purple & Blue in Cork!

Cork City, Ireland.

Have just returned home form a another great weekend in Paris! I seem to be spending alot of time there at the moment, which is not a bad thing at all, although that Metro just has an awful vibe! Some shots will be posted soon i promise.

The above shot was taken in here in Cork and probably one of the very few places where i've actually received abuse for taking pictures! It's a Cork thing! Alot of things seem to be a Cork thing, which can be both great and infuriating.. The two lads that you can make out in the above shote were stumbling across the road drunk off their heads and when they noticed me taking this picture, all i heard was "DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE, I WILL FUCK YOU INTO THE THAT RIVER", lovely, i which i calmly stated that i was actually indeed taking a picture of the building behind them , slowly walking away doing so.. This was taken on a bridge by the way and the river in question is the river Lee. But of coarse in true Cork fashion, these two lads became my best friend, who actually started to pose for pictures that THEY wanted me to take of them!! I got their home address...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gap Of Dunloe!

Gap Of Dunloe, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Not the prettiest picture in the world of this area, but this shot was taken in March, i think and it was cold, really really really wet and miserable.. I've shot the Gap plenty of times, but on this occasion i wanted to focus on something entirely different to what i've seen shot of this area before. The shots you tend to see of this area are shot from lake level looking at these mountains i'm standing here, i wanted to hit it from the opposite and try and generate a feel of expansive this landscape is..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 Tokens Per Person!

Brighton, England.

Not the happiest of campers at the moment, my car is really really sick thanks to the floods that resulted from the torrential rain Cork has been been hit with recently. I think i'm actually depressed, i don't generally get like this, but this has really knocked me for six!
On a completely unrelated and more positive topic, i bought Magnum's Alex Webb's book "Violet Isle" off, jesus, i love these photography books... I could look thru these types of photography book s for hours. When i first took up photography, i used to look at landscape and nature/wildlife photography books, now, well, to give you another example, now i look at books titled "Disposable People", about human slavery and all forms of it.. I just love documentary and street photography, Reuters and Magnum are 2 websites that i am constantly looking thru, this style/type of photography is just so exciting and interesting!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baltimore Bay

Baltimore bay & Beacon, West Cork, Ireland.

Again, Baltimore, well more this spot in Baltimore is one of favorite places to photograph. This is a shot that was taken earlier this year, April i think, i just remember it being really cold, windy and wet!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Man in a hat in Munich!

Munich, Germany.

This is probably my most recent shot, taken on a escalator in Munich with an iPhone. I was in Munich last weekend on somewhat of a weekend break, a break from what i dont know, but it was a trip i decided to leave my camera at home... I decided that the iPhone was enough, i don't believe for one second that you need a high quality camera to get a good shot, i never have. I'm not saying that this shot proves that point, i'm just making a point. Alot of people tell me "I can't get a good a picture as you because your camera is better", what does that actually mean? Did the camera see the scene unfold and automatically take the picture? Of coarse not..... All the camera does is determine the actual image quality of the picture, nothing else.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stuck in the middle!

Viñales, Cuba.

Another one from Cuba. After this i think i'm going to take a break from posting my pictures from Cuba , just for a while. Too much of anything is a bad thing!

As mentioned above this shot was taken in Viñales, Cuba. A very beautiful and peaceful little "town" in the Pinar Del Rio province of Cuba, to the east on the Island. I'd love to go back there...

Monday, November 16, 2009

All shapes and sizes!

Shot taken at the base of "The Gherkin", London, England. One of those shots that i rediscovered....

Just back from a weekend trip to Munich, went there to kind of celebrate my 30th birthday.. Great place.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This shot was taken in Havana, Cuba.

I like this shot, thats the thing, generally shots that i like would be shots that most people don't like and normally people would like the shots that i wouldn't look twice at! So then i ask myself the question, "Should i just post everything and stop picking my favs?" and the answer is a resounding NO. Of coarse not.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This shot was taken at the Canary Wharf Tube Station in London...

I always thought that photography was prohibited in Tube stations in London, well in fact it's only FLASH photography that is prohibited, which is good for me as none of my camera's have built in flash. I was in London about 3 weeks ago and spent alot of my time there photographing in the tube stations in full view of tube personal and security camera's and was completely left alone. I've a fascination with the tube stations and the tube in London, it's just a hive of activity and for a long time i've really wanted to spend alot of time photographing it.

The above shot was taken back in 2008 however and just proves how lazy i can be when it comes to posting my images...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Water Mirror again....

Another shot from the Water Mirror in Bordeaux. This landmark is quite a gem.

I purchased myself some new photography books from, Alex Webbs - Istanbul and Elliot Erwitts - Unseen. I found Elliots Erwitts book "Personal Best" in a photography shop in Temple Bar, Dublin.. It's rare enough and quite expensive, i'm glad i found it though as it's a fantastic book...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Wings!

The above shot was taken one night in Cienfuegos, Cuba after i had gotten myself kinda lost whilst trying to find my way back to my casa! Admittedly, i don't have the best sense of direction in the world, but it's not that bad either. Cienfuegos is based on a grid system, kind of like blocks, similar to the system used in New York.. Sounds easy to navigate, it should be, though when you can barely make out the street & avenue numbers in darkness it then gets a little bit more difficult. Some streets and avenues had no numbers at all... I decided to take advantage of my little predicament by getting out my camera and taking some night shots...

It's Sunday morning of a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland and the clocks have gone back one hour!

Biggie Smalls is in Havana!

This picture was taken in Centro Havana, Cuba.

One thing i noticed whilst in Havana was that alot of tourists tend to avoid the Centro district of Havana, yes it is the most run down looking, but it's also saturated with culture. More so i feel than Vedado or Vieja. Havana Vieja is like any "Old Town" you find in most cities, expensive(ish) and just full of tourists, Vedado less so thankfully. Centro Havana looks intimidating to be honest, but once you start exploring the area that feeling quickly disappears, because you realize that this place looks dodge to any place back home yet here it's normal! What i loved about this area was been able to walk down any street and hearing music being blasted out of most windows and people sitting around chilling out and kids playing, actually playing and not stuck inside glued to the PS3! Admittedly, my first few day in Havana were rough, i got alot of hassle, but on my second and third visit back all that disappeared and i was able to enjoy the city for what it really is.. A mecca for cuban culture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sierra Maestra

The Sierra Maestra is a mountain range in the Guantanamo province in the southeast of Cuba. The Sierra Maestra is where Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries hid and built up guerrilla columns that would with the help of other groups from more central provinces eventually overthrow the Batista dictatorship.. That was a very watered down history lesson!

Anyway, for years i've wanted to see this mountain range and i'm happy i did...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Taken at Lough Leane (Lower Lake), Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Those who know my taste in photography will tell you that Abstract photography is generally not my thing, but the water was so still and the color so attractive that i found it just impossible not to photograph.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lough Leane (Lower Lake).

Lough Leane (Lower Lake), Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry Ireland.

Shot was taken from a boat using a friends Canon camera, i didn't bring my own, it was a work outing and i didn't want the hassle of carrying around a big camera bag....

Color Co-Ordination!

This shot was taken in Camden Town, London..

Unfortunately, i haven't got a whole lot to say this morning, i'm "off form". The first Sunday in quite a while that i have woken up without somewhat of a hangover, you'd think i'd be in better form, right? wrong. Anyway, i'm beginning to realize that i can be quite lazy about getting out and taking photographs, i tend to go through bursts of inspiration. I intend changing that and being more consistent.

Have a good day.............

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thunder Storm!

This shot was taken in Cienfuegos, Cuba (map Here). Again, this was during another Thunder Storm that hit during my time in Cuba. On this occasion i had walked to to the very tip of the Malecon in Cienfuegos; which was a complete waste of my time, i decided to get a horse and cart back into the town centre, when the storm hit, i saw this poor woman struggling against the wind and snapped off this shot!.

These storms were pretty fierce and came down hard and roar from the thunder was frightening if im honest.. I remember one occasion in particular, we were in Soroa, i was in bed sick from bad food poisoning and a thunder storm hit, jesus christ, every time the thunder roared i thought it was a bomb going off outside my hotel room...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Water Mirror

This shot is a particular favorite of mine. It was shot at the "Water Mirror" in Bordeaux, France in 2008. It was designed by french architects Claire and Michel Corajoud. According to "Corajoud replaced the working docks on the Garonne River with a giant rectangle of ½ thick water. Just enough water over a black granite plaza to create a surface large enough to reflect the entire 18th century Stock Exchange building. The mirrored images of the building at night have already become a photo tourist's "must have" picture in Bordeaux.". I didn't realize taking this picture and the others that this area was the "must have" photo location, because i simply stumbled upon it by accident, whilst out walking on an incredibly hot August day.. That fog/mist you see in the image is part of the attraction and is generated to appear every so often..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Double Exposure

If you forget to roll on the the film in a Holga 120cfn this can happen, double exposure.. Of coarse, i don't make mistakes at all, this shot was totally on purpose!!!!!!

Viñales, Cuba.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When it rains in Cuba, it's no joke it seriously rains, down hard and heavy. In a way, it's a reason why i went there. I was hoping to get alot of "rain" shots, i got a few, but not enough to keep me happy. The above shot was taken in Trinidad, Cuba. The rain took a break for a very short period of time and during this time i decided it was best to move on with my exploration around the town, when i came across this scene and just snapped off one shot, one shot was all i was allowed, before the scene had changed. On my way back, i got caught in probably one of the heaviest downfalls i have ever witnessed, those street turned into rivers and i got just a little bit wet, to say the least!..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Single Shadow

Another one from my "Shadows" series. This was taken in Cork City, Ireland, my hometown. This shot along with my other "shadow" shots from around Cork City were all taken about the same time of the day during the summer, in the evening about 7:30pm.. I found this to be the best time as the sun is low and therefore generates long shadows. I tend to find myself always trying to experiment with my photography and trying different things. About this time, i was getting bored with shooting Cork City and everything in it and decided to try something new.

I haven't got a whole lot to say this morning, it's early and i'm still quite tired.

Cuban Boy

The above shot was taken in Viñales, Cuba with a Holga 120cfn camera. This camera is particular favorite of mine, so much much so, that i often find myself ditching my digital gear in favor of this. Unfortunately, there is no decent dev labs in Cork for 120 film and it's expensive.. So, until i learn to do my own development, i'm going to be getting screwed financially every time i submit a roll...
Just back from a weekend in London, 1 of many i tend to spend there. Will be uploading some shots from that trip soon, though ive a gut feeling they are going to be crap.. anyway, i'll soon find out..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inch Strand again...

Another shot from Inch.. Everytime i come here i always try to improve on the shots i had taken on previous visits, and also change the perspective. If i wasn't going to be in London & Brighton this weekend i would most certainly head back there this weekend..

Jesus, i'm tired today, has been a rough weekend..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inch Strand

This is a shot taken at Inch Strand, Co. Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. I find myself coming back to this place alot, even though it's a good 2 hour drive from my home, i've yet to come here and leave disappointed, no matter what weather condition! It's just so refreshing and peaceful here. I could nearly say that it's probably my favorite place to visit.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pushed to the side!

This is a shot i took in Dublin about 2 years ago. Sometimes i get inspiration to go through all my old stuff and see if my mind has changed as to what i once thought was crap is now any good!! That doesn't go for this shot, this is a shot i just never posted before, i've plenty in this category..

Got an iPod shuffle today, i don't why people were bitching about the controls, it's easy!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black & RED

I buy alot of fast lenses, because my favorite time to shoot is at night, handheld. I have a tripod and a monopod, but i'll only use those sometimes, but obviously they restrict the spontaneity of night photography, when you need to be fast to capture certain moments, as if you're shooting during the day.. Night photography also gives me more space to play, to experiment. The above shot was taken in Cork City, that red light is coming from the frame of the bridge that i'm on..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play at the Malecon!

Jesus, i'm so tired now i can hardly see the screen in front of me, but i shall persevere. The Malecon is Havana's seafront and it is a hive of activity, with couples walking, kids playing music to the tourists, men fishing and of coarse kids diving into the sea from anything up to 25 feet or maybe more... It really was brilliant to see.. The above shot was taken at the tip of the Malecon in Habana Vieja (Old Havana).. I will be posting more shots from the Malecon shortly...

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

"Alive in a free country", that really does depend on the Cuban you talk to. I quite liked my time in Cuba, in fact i loved it to be honest and i'm currently contemplating making a return trip to Havana, but i also found Cuba at times to be incredibly frustrating, for a "free" country, you can't do anything easily.
One of the idea's i had in my head before i went to Cuba was that when i got there i wanted to shoot the revolutionary murals around Havana, are there are lots. "CHE" is everywhere, not forgotten, as is Fidel, Raúl's face is about the place also, but it doesn't have the same impact, or install the same sense of power as CHE's or Fidels. Then you have the murals like in the picture above, these are more prominent, they really do not let you forget that you are in a "Free" country.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colorful Cork City

So, what your witnessing here is a result of one of my first attempts shooting with a Holga camera. I've been spoiled by the digital age. Scanning in this print was a disaster, dust on the scanner, specks on the print.. i thought i had it bad when dust made it's wicked way onto to my camera sensor, well, that is now laughable compared to this. Took me a few cleaning sessions and a few scans to finally get a result that was acceptable and all that was required was a few touches of the good old heal/clone tool.. But man was it great fun shoot with this camera.. i love it.. More pics from it are on the way...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Diving In London!

Photographed at the Reuters "Move" exhibition 3 years ago at Canary Wharf in London. The main shot you see in the background is from Reuters photographer Marcelo Del Pozo. This photograph is also featured in the book "Move!: Action Photography by Reuters"

Havana, Cityscape

For the first few and last few days in Cuba i stayed in the Hotel Lincoln, famous for the kidnapping of Juan Manuel Fangio, apparently one of the greatest racing car driver of all times, back in 1958 by Cuban rebels.

The place is a dump, thats all i'll say on that matter, but one of few good things the place had going for it was it's views from the 8th Floor and the restaurant which was situated n the roof!! The shot above was taken from the roof and the night scene was taken from my 8th room on my first day there..

Viñales, Cuba.

On a recent trip to Cuba one of the places i had pleasure of visiting was Viñales, located on the east of Cuba in the Pinar del Rio provence. Although, here i also got food poisoning, but hey s**t happens, pardon the pun!