Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 Tokens Per Person!

Brighton, England.

Not the happiest of campers at the moment, my car is really really sick thanks to the floods that resulted from the torrential rain Cork has been been hit with recently. I think i'm actually depressed, i don't generally get like this, but this has really knocked me for six!
On a completely unrelated and more positive topic, i bought Magnum's Alex Webb's book "Violet Isle" off, jesus, i love these photography books... I could look thru these types of photography book s for hours. When i first took up photography, i used to look at landscape and nature/wildlife photography books, now, well, to give you another example, now i look at books titled "Disposable People", about human slavery and all forms of it.. I just love documentary and street photography, Reuters and Magnum are 2 websites that i am constantly looking thru, this style/type of photography is just so exciting and interesting!!

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