Wednesday, December 14, 2011

London ART

London ART London, England.

Another shot taken with the Fuji X100. Shortly im going to post landscape work, i think variation is a good thing or at least it can be a good thing..

Monday, October 24, 2011

London - Fuji X100 - Part 3

Spot Light Figure Light London, England.

I was very very lucky when i was in London last, i was gifted with some beautiful light to play it... Soooo, one issue i had with the Fuji X100 was focus speed, some shots that i really needed to grab fast i missed due to the camera just being that bit to slow to get a focus. Thats a pain, a "f**k sake" type feeling. Tonight Fuji have released the the v1.11 firmware update that apparently addresses this very issue, along with 2 others.. The issues addressed can seen and firmware download can be gotten here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Lady's Hospital, Cork

Our Lady's Hospital, Cork District Asylum Cork City, Ireland.

Unfortunately due to new security measure s in place at St. Annes, access was limited. The following extract is taken from "Cork asylum opened in 1789 (the second Irish asylum). William Saunders Hallaran (1765-1825) was physician to the Cork asylum from the time it opened until his death. He was the author of Practical Observations on the Causes and Cure of Insanity (1818). In 1845 the Irish Lunatics Asylums Act allowed for appropriating the Lunatic Asylum in the city of Cork to the Purposes of a District Lunatic Asylum. This legislation provided for two new asylums - a criminal one in Dundrum, Dublin, and a 500-bed asylum Cork. The Eglington Asylum, was originally in three separate blocks, later to be joined together, in the interest of providing more accommodation, to become the longest facade of any building in the country it opened 1852. The asylum was named after the Earl of Eglinton, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Designed by local architect William Atkins. Construction cost including site £79,827. 1/5d. Eglinton Lunatic Asylum is being renovated into apartments - "Atkins Hall". Approxamately two thirds of the building has been converted, the remaining one third is gutted but in fairly original condition."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

London - Fuji X100 - Part 2

London, England.

I'm a big fan of prime lens and "compact" camera's with fixed lens like the Ricoh GRD series and the X100. Its actually one of the reasons i bought the X100 in the first place. When i first started buying Canon gear, initially i'll admit that i was a bit of a gear head, but never really put much thought into exactly why i want that particular piece of kit. Like, i bought the 16-35mm F2.8 MKll, sure it's a great lens and ultra wide, but i haven't shot at 16mm in quite along time and i shoot with it primarily set at 35mm, but i have the 35mm f1.4 to do that and its a much better lens, so why really have the 16-35mm? I have the 24-105mm F4 L, which is alright for landscape work, but i don't do much landscape stuff anymore and its a terrible lens to use for street because it's like pointing a gun in someones face.. Now i find myself shooting all the time with either the X100 or the Canon 5D MKll + 35mm F1.4 L and nothing else. Zooms, don't appeal to me, in fact i hate them, I'm just a prime lens person, i love shooting with primes. Yeah, they can be restrictive but they make you think about composition more, resulting in you having to work harder at, making you a better photographer i think.. If i could have my time back, i wouldn't have bought the zoom lens, i would have simply saved up my money, bought myself a Leica and one prime lens, probably the 35mm summicron.

Monday, September 26, 2011

London - FX100

Blue Strip Yellow Shopping Bag Reflection Slant London, England.

I took the Fuji X100 for a spin in Londonland recently, here are some of the results from that weekend.. I really wish it was a bit faster.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Smoke Break

Smoke Break. Cork City, Ireland.

These smoking laws that have been around for the last few years have resulted in people in having to take drastic measures i.e. hiding in bushes, just to have a smoke...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fuji X100 - Cork City Street! Part 5!

. ARSE - Part 2 Cycling into the sun Cork City, Ireland.

Not having picked up the Fuji X100 in little over 3 weeks, i found it a tad frustrating to get the hang of again.. It's not as straightforward as my Canons, that could and more than likely is down to the fact that i just don't know the X100 as well as know my Canons, but still.. The 1Ds and 5D MKll have 2 completely different UI's, but i might not touch either for 2/3 months and pick them back up one day and could work thru the menus blindfolded. In saying that, when i get the hang of the X100, i love it..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fuji X100 - Cork City Street! Part 4!

Eva House Chinese Take Away Cash Connectors Cork City, Ireland.

I got a couple of extra accessories for the X100, a B&W UV filter for one and a lens hood..  Because the actual lens of the X100 runs pretty much level with the rim and i can be at times be a clumsy fool, i decided to save myself any possible heartache and just buy the accessories to protect the lens.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fuji X100 - Cork City Street!



Cork City, Ireland.

These are some of the first shots that i've taken with my new Fuji X100 camera, a camera that i've been dying to get get my hands as soon as it was announced! I'm not a "gear head", but i simply wanted this camera to make my street photography life more comfortable and not feel like I'm pointing a gun in someones face when I'm shooting with my big DSLR's!! And for that, in silent mode, this camera is absolutely incredible!!

Monday, June 27, 2011



San Francisco, California, USA.

Street Photography is my homeboy. Landscape, which i've done alot of, just doesn't do it for me anymore really. Although, you'd never think it if you saw me in Iceland, stopping the car every ten minutes. Speaking of which, if you're interested in seeing a sample of my Icelandic images, they can be viewed by clicking on the below link.. Enjoy..

In The Light.

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Cork City, Ireland.

We finally got a summer. For one day. It was good while it lasted.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Krakow, Poland...


Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Cork City, Ireland..

My motivation for picture taking has wained somewhat recently, i seem to go thru these phases when im just simply not in the mood or just bored with it.. Im off to Iceland tho in 3 days (Yay), my camera's are coming with me, i hope i get a surge of inspiration when im there, im sure i will...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Man Collide With Nature!

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Inch Strand, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Soon im heading off to Iceland for a couple of weeks, like Cuba, Iceland is one of those places that i've always wanted to visit. I'm unsure why i've always had this fascination with the place, maybe its the landscape, i dunno, but there's an urge i've always had to get there.. What im unsure about tho is the 24 hour daylight in June!!!

And this video helps!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hand Solo posing for the money shot!

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Cork City, Ireland.

The background to the stencil in the picture is that it is of a well known (but not very much liked) Cork personality Neil Prendeville, a radio presenter on Cork's 96Fm. On a flight from London's Heathrow airport to Cork airport on the 9th October 2010, he was seen to "expose" himself and masturbate, he apparently remembers none of it and blames it on painkillers (Nurofen to be exact) taken for an apparent neck injury and alcohol.

Mr Prendeville has since advised others not to mix painkillers and alcohol ;-)

Full story can be read here...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Cork City, Ireland.

Do you ever get bored with the place you live from a photography perspective? Kinda like "been there, done that!". Well, it's probably because of this that i discovered my love for shooting in the rain and shadow work. Being from Cork, its a small, but in fairness great little city, but like all cities its size, it only has so much to offer from a photography and generally all other points of view.. So, to make it interesting for me, i knew i just just had to grab it as how i really see it, in the winter wet, misty and cold and in the summer, when the the sun in low in the evening casting long shadows on the streets...

The shadows are following her.

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Cork City, Ireland.

My fascination with shadow work continues...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Light into Shadow

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Got my hands on a Ricoh GRD lll, i've always always wanted a GRD, ever since i saw a my japanese friends original GRD a few years back.. It's beautiful, sturdy, totally discreet design, gorgeous black in colour.. And perfect for street, although, im not used to looking at "liveview" for taking pictures, so i need to get used to that..

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sometimes when i go away for a weekend, i may decide not to bring my camera and instead focus on just using my iPhone 4 using the "Hipstamatic" ( application which i've fallen in love with. I actually find that shooting street with the iPhone is an absolute joy, as it enables me to compose and get shots that would sometime be difficult to grab without being noticed...

I'll post more London shots taken with the Hipstamatic app soon..


Up and coming photographer!
Up and coming photographer...

Bored Much?
Bored much?

What you doing?
What you doing?

All shots taken with the "John S" lens using the "Blanks" film.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Revolution Square

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

Havana, Cuba.

For years and years i wanted to visit Cuba, more than anything else, fascinated by it's rich history. In 2009 i finally made the trip and wasn't disappointed and a must visit for me was Revolution Square, just to see that huge monument of Ernesto himself, still a huge part of Cuban life..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pier 39

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

"Pier 39", San Francisco, California, USA.

I've been meaning to get back to San Francisco ever since i visited back in 2005, seemed very rushed back then and i felt like i hadn't really seen the place. Luckily i got another opportunity in December 2010 and i was greeted with the "real" SF, cold and wet... But anyone who knows me will tell you that those conditions appeal to me more than any other for taking photographs...

Friday, January 28, 2011


"Fur" Coat.

Munich, Germany..

I'm taking alot of shots with my iPhone lately using the "Hipstamatic" application. I'm just kind of bored with what i was doing and for a brief period, just wanted to try something different, hello "Hipstamatic". Im enjoying using it, theres no crap or fiddling about, all i have to do is compose and hit the button. The only problem i have with it, is that, it can take a frustratingly long time time to develop each picture, and unfortunately this is something that has to be done before you can take another picture..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Krakow, Poland.

Today i bought a first edition signed copy of Magnum photographer Mark Power "The Sound Of Two Songs", another one for my collection.. From his website:
"The Sound of Two Songs by Mark Power is the result of the artist’s ‘love affair’ with Poland. Power became transfixed by Poland whilst making a one-month project in the country for a 2004 Magnum commission, but he believed his initial investigations only scraped the surface of a country approximately the same physical size as the other nine new EU members added together. Consequently, he made approximately twenty further visits over five years. The archive now consists of 2000 large format, 5x4 negatives. The result is a beautiful series of photographs, eloquently describing the changing social values of a country caught between the past, the present and the future, both in terms of attitudes and of the contradictions in its landscape. As Power says, ‘Poland is a beautiful country. Poland is an ugly country.’

This beautiful book moves effortlessly between images of the urban and the rural, the old and the new, setting the crumbling inner city housing estates of the communist era against the new developments of colourful apartments and gleaming shopping centres. Power’s project also explores the effect of global capitalism on the Polish landscape with advertising hoardings dominating the cityscape, setting a sharp contrast between the decay and aspiration of the country.".
Personally, i love Poland myself, mostly for the very same reasons stated above, there is something incredible appealing about it. Everytime i go there, i have to bring my camera and just shoot...

If you are interested in seeing some more of my shots from Krakow, Poland in particular, they can be viewed here:

Monday, January 10, 2011


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Spent Christmas in Las Vegas, certainly the place to go if you don't want to be reminded it's Christmas...