Monday, October 12, 2009

Water Mirror

This shot is a particular favorite of mine. It was shot at the "Water Mirror" in Bordeaux, France in 2008. It was designed by french architects Claire and Michel Corajoud. According to "Corajoud replaced the working docks on the Garonne River with a giant rectangle of ½ thick water. Just enough water over a black granite plaza to create a surface large enough to reflect the entire 18th century Stock Exchange building. The mirrored images of the building at night have already become a photo tourist's "must have" picture in Bordeaux.". I didn't realize taking this picture and the others that this area was the "must have" photo location, because i simply stumbled upon it by accident, whilst out walking on an incredibly hot August day.. That fog/mist you see in the image is part of the attraction and is generated to appear every so often..

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