Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gap Of Dunloe!

Gap Of Dunloe, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Not the prettiest picture in the world of this area, but this shot was taken in March, i think and it was cold, really really really wet and miserable.. I've shot the Gap plenty of times, but on this occasion i wanted to focus on something entirely different to what i've seen shot of this area before. The shots you tend to see of this area are shot from lake level looking at these mountains i'm standing here, i wanted to hit it from the opposite and try and generate a feel of expansive this landscape is..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 Tokens Per Person!

Brighton, England.

Not the happiest of campers at the moment, my car is really really sick thanks to the floods that resulted from the torrential rain Cork has been been hit with recently. I think i'm actually depressed, i don't generally get like this, but this has really knocked me for six!
On a completely unrelated and more positive topic, i bought Magnum's Alex Webb's book "Violet Isle" off, jesus, i love these photography books... I could look thru these types of photography book s for hours. When i first took up photography, i used to look at landscape and nature/wildlife photography books, now, well, to give you another example, now i look at books titled "Disposable People", about human slavery and all forms of it.. I just love documentary and street photography, Reuters and Magnum are 2 websites that i am constantly looking thru, this style/type of photography is just so exciting and interesting!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baltimore Bay

Baltimore bay & Beacon, West Cork, Ireland.

Again, Baltimore, well more this spot in Baltimore is one of favorite places to photograph. This is a shot that was taken earlier this year, April i think, i just remember it being really cold, windy and wet!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Man in a hat in Munich!

Munich, Germany.

This is probably my most recent shot, taken on a escalator in Munich with an iPhone. I was in Munich last weekend on somewhat of a weekend break, a break from what i dont know, but it was a trip i decided to leave my camera at home... I decided that the iPhone was enough, i don't believe for one second that you need a high quality camera to get a good shot, i never have. I'm not saying that this shot proves that point, i'm just making a point. Alot of people tell me "I can't get a good a picture as you because your camera is better", what does that actually mean? Did the camera see the scene unfold and automatically take the picture? Of coarse not..... All the camera does is determine the actual image quality of the picture, nothing else.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stuck in the middle!

Viñales, Cuba.

Another one from Cuba. After this i think i'm going to take a break from posting my pictures from Cuba , just for a while. Too much of anything is a bad thing!

As mentioned above this shot was taken in Viñales, Cuba. A very beautiful and peaceful little "town" in the Pinar Del Rio province of Cuba, to the east on the Island. I'd love to go back there...

Monday, November 16, 2009

All shapes and sizes!

Shot taken at the base of "The Gherkin", London, England. One of those shots that i rediscovered....

Just back from a weekend trip to Munich, went there to kind of celebrate my 30th birthday.. Great place.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This shot was taken in Havana, Cuba.

I like this shot, thats the thing, generally shots that i like would be shots that most people don't like and normally people would like the shots that i wouldn't look twice at! So then i ask myself the question, "Should i just post everything and stop picking my favs?" and the answer is a resounding NO. Of coarse not.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This shot was taken at the Canary Wharf Tube Station in London...

I always thought that photography was prohibited in Tube stations in London, well in fact it's only FLASH photography that is prohibited, which is good for me as none of my camera's have built in flash. I was in London about 3 weeks ago and spent alot of my time there photographing in the tube stations in full view of tube personal and security camera's and was completely left alone. I've a fascination with the tube stations and the tube in London, it's just a hive of activity and for a long time i've really wanted to spend alot of time photographing it.

The above shot was taken back in 2008 however and just proves how lazy i can be when it comes to posting my images...