Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vivo en un Pais Libre.

"Alive in a free country", that really does depend on the Cuban you talk to. I quite liked my time in Cuba, in fact i loved it to be honest and i'm currently contemplating making a return trip to Havana, but i also found Cuba at times to be incredibly frustrating, for a "free" country, you can't do anything easily.
One of the idea's i had in my head before i went to Cuba was that when i got there i wanted to shoot the revolutionary murals around Havana, are there are lots. "CHE" is everywhere, not forgotten, as is Fidel, Raúl's face is about the place also, but it doesn't have the same impact, or install the same sense of power as CHE's or Fidels. Then you have the murals like in the picture above, these are more prominent, they really do not let you forget that you are in a "Free" country.

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