Thursday, December 17, 2009

RED In Paris!

Paris, France.

Picture above taken very recently on a weekend break to Paris!! Where the weather wasn't great to be honest, it was wet & cold! Personally, i love wet conditions for street photography as generally people don't act like they normally would when they get caught in a massive downpour, they are rushing, look miserable, there are umbrellas everywhere! Lots of umbrellas and reflections, which i love.. Wet conditions at night is also great for street photography as all the lights from the shops and what not reflect off the street, which can lead to some very interesting results!!
Alot of people interested in photography tend to avoid taking pictures in in the rain, in fear that their camera will get damaged! Well, that is partly true, if it's serious rain and your camera gets soaked, but in general it isn't the case! I've taken non weather sealed (apart from the lens body) gear worth over €2000 out into the rain to shoot, with no problems at all... Whilst photographers with me have taken shelter under a tree or hut to protect their gear!! Unfortunately in a country like Ireland, where it rains alot, you need to get out and just take pictures, regardless, and you'll probably get the best and most interesting shots of your life..

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