Monday, December 7, 2009

Red, Purple & Blue in Cork!

Cork City, Ireland.

Have just returned home form a another great weekend in Paris! I seem to be spending alot of time there at the moment, which is not a bad thing at all, although that Metro just has an awful vibe! Some shots will be posted soon i promise.

The above shot was taken in here in Cork and probably one of the very few places where i've actually received abuse for taking pictures! It's a Cork thing! Alot of things seem to be a Cork thing, which can be both great and infuriating.. The two lads that you can make out in the above shote were stumbling across the road drunk off their heads and when they noticed me taking this picture, all i heard was "DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE, I WILL FUCK YOU INTO THE THAT RIVER", lovely, i which i calmly stated that i was actually indeed taking a picture of the building behind them , slowly walking away doing so.. This was taken on a bridge by the way and the river in question is the river Lee. But of coarse in true Cork fashion, these two lads became my best friend, who actually started to pose for pictures that THEY wanted me to take of them!! I got their home address...

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