Monday, October 24, 2011

London - Fuji X100 - Part 3

Spot Light Figure Light London, England.

I was very very lucky when i was in London last, i was gifted with some beautiful light to play it... Soooo, one issue i had with the Fuji X100 was focus speed, some shots that i really needed to grab fast i missed due to the camera just being that bit to slow to get a focus. Thats a pain, a "f**k sake" type feeling. Tonight Fuji have released the the v1.11 firmware update that apparently addresses this very issue, along with 2 others.. The issues addressed can seen and firmware download can be gotten here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Lady's Hospital, Cork

Our Lady's Hospital, Cork District Asylum Cork City, Ireland.

Unfortunately due to new security measure s in place at St. Annes, access was limited. The following extract is taken from "Cork asylum opened in 1789 (the second Irish asylum). William Saunders Hallaran (1765-1825) was physician to the Cork asylum from the time it opened until his death. He was the author of Practical Observations on the Causes and Cure of Insanity (1818). In 1845 the Irish Lunatics Asylums Act allowed for appropriating the Lunatic Asylum in the city of Cork to the Purposes of a District Lunatic Asylum. This legislation provided for two new asylums - a criminal one in Dundrum, Dublin, and a 500-bed asylum Cork. The Eglington Asylum, was originally in three separate blocks, later to be joined together, in the interest of providing more accommodation, to become the longest facade of any building in the country it opened 1852. The asylum was named after the Earl of Eglinton, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Designed by local architect William Atkins. Construction cost including site £79,827. 1/5d. Eglinton Lunatic Asylum is being renovated into apartments - "Atkins Hall". Approxamately two thirds of the building has been converted, the remaining one third is gutted but in fairly original condition."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

London - Fuji X100 - Part 2

London, England.

I'm a big fan of prime lens and "compact" camera's with fixed lens like the Ricoh GRD series and the X100. Its actually one of the reasons i bought the X100 in the first place. When i first started buying Canon gear, initially i'll admit that i was a bit of a gear head, but never really put much thought into exactly why i want that particular piece of kit. Like, i bought the 16-35mm F2.8 MKll, sure it's a great lens and ultra wide, but i haven't shot at 16mm in quite along time and i shoot with it primarily set at 35mm, but i have the 35mm f1.4 to do that and its a much better lens, so why really have the 16-35mm? I have the 24-105mm F4 L, which is alright for landscape work, but i don't do much landscape stuff anymore and its a terrible lens to use for street because it's like pointing a gun in someones face.. Now i find myself shooting all the time with either the X100 or the Canon 5D MKll + 35mm F1.4 L and nothing else. Zooms, don't appeal to me, in fact i hate them, I'm just a prime lens person, i love shooting with primes. Yeah, they can be restrictive but they make you think about composition more, resulting in you having to work harder at, making you a better photographer i think.. If i could have my time back, i wouldn't have bought the zoom lens, i would have simply saved up my money, bought myself a Leica and one prime lens, probably the 35mm summicron.