Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inch Strand.

Inch Strand, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Taken on a very windy and surprisingly very cold (or not so depending on what you expect from Irish weather!) August Bank Holiday Monday. I saw another side to Inch Strand yesterday, a side that i'm totally unfamiliar with, an Inch Strand with more than 15 people on it, alot more than 15 people on it!! I also gave the 5D MKll video a blast!! I'll post a video to that here later... I've got plenty of idea's as to what i want to shoot, but now its just a case of finding the time to do so!! Hopefully not a problem!!

heres the video, it anit anything special at all, but it was windy and quite difficult to keep the camera steady and it is just a test after all...