Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Water Mirror again....

Another shot from the Water Mirror in Bordeaux. This landmark is quite a gem.

I purchased myself some new photography books from, Alex Webbs - Istanbul and Elliot Erwitts - Unseen. I found Elliots Erwitts book "Personal Best" in a photography shop in Temple Bar, Dublin.. It's rare enough and quite expensive, i'm glad i found it though as it's a fantastic book...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Wings!

The above shot was taken one night in Cienfuegos, Cuba after i had gotten myself kinda lost whilst trying to find my way back to my casa! Admittedly, i don't have the best sense of direction in the world, but it's not that bad either. Cienfuegos is based on a grid system, kind of like blocks, similar to the system used in New York.. Sounds easy to navigate, it should be, though when you can barely make out the street & avenue numbers in darkness it then gets a little bit more difficult. Some streets and avenues had no numbers at all... I decided to take advantage of my little predicament by getting out my camera and taking some night shots...

It's Sunday morning of a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland and the clocks have gone back one hour!

Biggie Smalls is in Havana!

This picture was taken in Centro Havana, Cuba.

One thing i noticed whilst in Havana was that alot of tourists tend to avoid the Centro district of Havana, yes it is the most run down looking, but it's also saturated with culture. More so i feel than Vedado or Vieja. Havana Vieja is like any "Old Town" you find in most cities, expensive(ish) and just full of tourists, Vedado less so thankfully. Centro Havana looks intimidating to be honest, but once you start exploring the area that feeling quickly disappears, because you realize that this place looks dodge to any place back home yet here it's normal! What i loved about this area was been able to walk down any street and hearing music being blasted out of most windows and people sitting around chilling out and kids playing, actually playing and not stuck inside glued to the PS3! Admittedly, my first few day in Havana were rough, i got alot of hassle, but on my second and third visit back all that disappeared and i was able to enjoy the city for what it really is.. A mecca for cuban culture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sierra Maestra

The Sierra Maestra is a mountain range in the Guantanamo province in the southeast of Cuba. The Sierra Maestra is where Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries hid and built up guerrilla columns that would with the help of other groups from more central provinces eventually overthrow the Batista dictatorship.. That was a very watered down history lesson!

Anyway, for years i've wanted to see this mountain range and i'm happy i did...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Taken at Lough Leane (Lower Lake), Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Those who know my taste in photography will tell you that Abstract photography is generally not my thing, but the water was so still and the color so attractive that i found it just impossible not to photograph.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lough Leane (Lower Lake).

Lough Leane (Lower Lake), Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry Ireland.

Shot was taken from a boat using a friends Canon camera, i didn't bring my own, it was a work outing and i didn't want the hassle of carrying around a big camera bag....

Color Co-Ordination!

This shot was taken in Camden Town, London..

Unfortunately, i haven't got a whole lot to say this morning, i'm "off form". The first Sunday in quite a while that i have woken up without somewhat of a hangover, you'd think i'd be in better form, right? wrong. Anyway, i'm beginning to realize that i can be quite lazy about getting out and taking photographs, i tend to go through bursts of inspiration. I intend changing that and being more consistent.

Have a good day.............

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thunder Storm!

This shot was taken in Cienfuegos, Cuba (map Here). Again, this was during another Thunder Storm that hit during my time in Cuba. On this occasion i had walked to to the very tip of the Malecon in Cienfuegos; which was a complete waste of my time, i decided to get a horse and cart back into the town centre, when the storm hit, i saw this poor woman struggling against the wind and snapped off this shot!.

These storms were pretty fierce and came down hard and roar from the thunder was frightening if im honest.. I remember one occasion in particular, we were in Soroa, i was in bed sick from bad food poisoning and a thunder storm hit, jesus christ, every time the thunder roared i thought it was a bomb going off outside my hotel room...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Water Mirror

This shot is a particular favorite of mine. It was shot at the "Water Mirror" in Bordeaux, France in 2008. It was designed by french architects Claire and Michel Corajoud. According to "Corajoud replaced the working docks on the Garonne River with a giant rectangle of ½ thick water. Just enough water over a black granite plaza to create a surface large enough to reflect the entire 18th century Stock Exchange building. The mirrored images of the building at night have already become a photo tourist's "must have" picture in Bordeaux.". I didn't realize taking this picture and the others that this area was the "must have" photo location, because i simply stumbled upon it by accident, whilst out walking on an incredibly hot August day.. That fog/mist you see in the image is part of the attraction and is generated to appear every so often..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Double Exposure

If you forget to roll on the the film in a Holga 120cfn this can happen, double exposure.. Of coarse, i don't make mistakes at all, this shot was totally on purpose!!!!!!

Viñales, Cuba.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When it rains in Cuba, it's no joke it seriously rains, down hard and heavy. In a way, it's a reason why i went there. I was hoping to get alot of "rain" shots, i got a few, but not enough to keep me happy. The above shot was taken in Trinidad, Cuba. The rain took a break for a very short period of time and during this time i decided it was best to move on with my exploration around the town, when i came across this scene and just snapped off one shot, one shot was all i was allowed, before the scene had changed. On my way back, i got caught in probably one of the heaviest downfalls i have ever witnessed, those street turned into rivers and i got just a little bit wet, to say the least!..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Single Shadow

Another one from my "Shadows" series. This was taken in Cork City, Ireland, my hometown. This shot along with my other "shadow" shots from around Cork City were all taken about the same time of the day during the summer, in the evening about 7:30pm.. I found this to be the best time as the sun is low and therefore generates long shadows. I tend to find myself always trying to experiment with my photography and trying different things. About this time, i was getting bored with shooting Cork City and everything in it and decided to try something new.

I haven't got a whole lot to say this morning, it's early and i'm still quite tired.

Cuban Boy

The above shot was taken in Viñales, Cuba with a Holga 120cfn camera. This camera is particular favorite of mine, so much much so, that i often find myself ditching my digital gear in favor of this. Unfortunately, there is no decent dev labs in Cork for 120 film and it's expensive.. So, until i learn to do my own development, i'm going to be getting screwed financially every time i submit a roll...
Just back from a weekend in London, 1 of many i tend to spend there. Will be uploading some shots from that trip soon, though ive a gut feeling they are going to be crap.. anyway, i'll soon find out..