Friday, October 23, 2009

Biggie Smalls is in Havana!

This picture was taken in Centro Havana, Cuba.

One thing i noticed whilst in Havana was that alot of tourists tend to avoid the Centro district of Havana, yes it is the most run down looking, but it's also saturated with culture. More so i feel than Vedado or Vieja. Havana Vieja is like any "Old Town" you find in most cities, expensive(ish) and just full of tourists, Vedado less so thankfully. Centro Havana looks intimidating to be honest, but once you start exploring the area that feeling quickly disappears, because you realize that this place looks dodge to any place back home yet here it's normal! What i loved about this area was been able to walk down any street and hearing music being blasted out of most windows and people sitting around chilling out and kids playing, actually playing and not stuck inside glued to the PS3! Admittedly, my first few day in Havana were rough, i got alot of hassle, but on my second and third visit back all that disappeared and i was able to enjoy the city for what it really is.. A mecca for cuban culture.

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