Wednesday, October 5, 2011

London - Fuji X100 - Part 2

London, England.

I'm a big fan of prime lens and "compact" camera's with fixed lens like the Ricoh GRD series and the X100. Its actually one of the reasons i bought the X100 in the first place. When i first started buying Canon gear, initially i'll admit that i was a bit of a gear head, but never really put much thought into exactly why i want that particular piece of kit. Like, i bought the 16-35mm F2.8 MKll, sure it's a great lens and ultra wide, but i haven't shot at 16mm in quite along time and i shoot with it primarily set at 35mm, but i have the 35mm f1.4 to do that and its a much better lens, so why really have the 16-35mm? I have the 24-105mm F4 L, which is alright for landscape work, but i don't do much landscape stuff anymore and its a terrible lens to use for street because it's like pointing a gun in someones face.. Now i find myself shooting all the time with either the X100 or the Canon 5D MKll + 35mm F1.4 L and nothing else. Zooms, don't appeal to me, in fact i hate them, I'm just a prime lens person, i love shooting with primes. Yeah, they can be restrictive but they make you think about composition more, resulting in you having to work harder at, making you a better photographer i think.. If i could have my time back, i wouldn't have bought the zoom lens, i would have simply saved up my money, bought myself a Leica and one prime lens, probably the 35mm summicron.

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