Monday, April 19, 2010

Rehabilitation Center + Chicken

Viñales, Cuba.

I remember just outside this rehabilitation center i met a cuban photographer with a DSLR, nice guy who loved photography and seemed to be very passionate about it. He got the DSLR from a romanian pro photographer who had been there earlier that year and i asked him how he managed to get the pictures off the camera as not many cubans would have personal computers and getting photographs developed is very expensive in Cuba. Apparently the romanian photographer promised to send him an Apple iBook. I don't know if this guy ever got his iBook, i hope he did, it's just, Cuban customs are notorious for pocketing what they like and an Apple iBook (no matter how old) would be something to like. It must really have killed this guy to have all these pictures on his camera, that he just couldn't get.

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